Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Lit

In the special features of Carnivale Season 2 Dan Hurtz(?) series creator said that the type of television HBO is doing is moving television out of its infancy. He compared these long form series with the 800 page novels, in which the first 50 or more pages are just character build up and laying out the setting. Note in Carnivale, and the same is true for Lost, how little happened in the first season but the second season was right into the thick of things. Now this didn't seem to work spectacularly well for Carnivale. They couldn't bring the audience back for the second season, but it does speak to the long form and its strengths and the weakness of the short form. Witness in comics where the short book with the explodo every few pages is a less satisfying read than a long story like Sandman. That's one thing that Japan got right with thier naitonal style of comic books. And the anime series, if you ever watched one, your well into the arc before anything happens an dyou know what's going on. The first few episodes are just giving you a taste of the people and the world.
I lack the patience for this type of thing, unfortunately. Well, not lack the patience, but I am not satisfied until the ublished story reaches that meaty part, where all the minor adventures into caves looking for treaures, at the cafes having conversation, or pointless explodos become a complex character driven story. I think that BRMX will reach that point eventually but in the meantime I'm not reaching my audience because there's too little of the meat and too much of the glaze and the fancy dressing.


Blogger James V. West said...

The direction HBO has taken television is quite inspiring to me as a comics creator. If I could get myself in line enough to produce a steady flow of work I'd consider tackling a comic in a similar fashion: a long, slow burn of a story. But since its taken me about 2 years to get to the end of a 48 page story I'd better practice some pragmatic realism instead.

2:03 PM, December 17, 2006  
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